My Body, My Wisdom

                                                                      Are you ready for change?

                                          Are you ready to understand the reason

                                          for the anxiety and stress?

                                             Would you like to move past trauma and pain?

                                                 Are you ready to explore what’s happening in                                               your body and how it relates to your life?

If you are ready to feel better, to reduce stress, to gain clarity and to make changes in your life that will help you move forward with confidence, then sign up for  

My Body, My Wisdom.


Enrollment ends September 30th, 2017

My Body, My Wisdom provides support for the process of change.  Whether you want to heal from a past trauma or find support for the anxiety you feel in your day to day life, this program will help you to uncover your own wisdom to begin to live your life with more ease and confidence.  

"​I’ve had a number of concerns with anxiety and my health this year but tend to push them aside when I am busy with my day-to-day life.  Becky has helped me explore these concerns as they have come to the surface during our sessions, and I always leave with a new solution for dealing with these matters.  Many times, sessions have built upon prior sessions – I spent a week or two applying the solution, then found a need to modify or even refocus my strategy."  

-P.S., Simpsonville, SC

My Body, My Wisdom is designed to help you get past any blocks that you might have.  Often we struggle with an issue.  It begins to effect your life in large and small ways.  Maybe your anxiety is preventing you from developing deep relationships or a past trauma is causing an ache in your body that you just can't explain.  WithMy Body, My Wisdom, you'll begin to uncover the blocks that are holding you back.  You'll receive support as you begin to heal and design a new chapter in your life.

"With Becky’s help, I was able to identify where I felt anxiety, fear and worry in my body (mostly my chest and my stomach area) and how they manifested themselves in my body (inability to take in a deep breath, along with tightness and knots in my stomach.) Becky used assisted yoga poses with me that allowed me to feel and acknowledge these emotions, but to also be present in the moment...And by being present in the moment, I was able to release these feelings. I found it fascinating to see how the body and the mind work together. After my session, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and belief in myself, and in my ability to handle each moment as it comes. I felt “lighter,” less weighed down. The feelings of anxiety were gone."

H.H. Simpsonville, SC

                   Slow Down 




What you'll get...
This program includes 6 Yoga Therapy sessions and 2 Relax and Restore sessions.  The sessions will be held over a period of 4 months (2 sessions per month).

Each Yoga Therapy session is for 60 minutes. During this session, you will use embodied mindfulness to grow, heal and change as needed.  Using embodied mindfulness, we’ll explore the impact that your body is having on your life and the impact that your life is having on your body.  Feel empowered to take charge of your life.

Each Relax and Restore session is for 60 minutes.  This is your chance to enjoy a little bit of pampering!  During this session, I will lead you through a series of postures designed to help you experience a deep state of relaxation and restore the body.  At the end of these session you can expect to feel at peace, completely relaxed and ready to face the challenges of your day.

The cost for this program is $450 ($550 value).
Pay in full or in 3 payments of $150.

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Enrollment ends on September 30th, 2017


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