I decided to try a yoga therapy session with Becky because I thought it sounded interesting. I was curious about it, and I thought it could be helpful, in particular, with the anxiety that I often experience. I wanted to focus on that during the session to see what would happen. With Becky’s help, I was able to identify where I felt anxiety, fear and worry in my body (mostly my chest and my stomach area) and how they manifested themselves in my body (inability to take in a deep breath, along with tightness and knots in my stomach.) Becky used assisted yoga poses with me that allowed me to feel and acknowledge these emotions, but to also be present in the moment. And by being present in the moment, I was able to release these feelings. I found it fascinating to see how the body and the mind work together. After my session, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and belief in myself, and in my ability to handle each moment as it comes. I felt “lighter,” less weighed down. The feelings of anxiety were gone. I felt more hopeful and optimistic about my life in general. Also, I learned a yoga posture that I can do pretty much anywhere that will quickly help me feel calm and more relaxed.
Becky is very easy to be around and immediately put me at ease. She has a soothing presence that allowed me to feel safe and secure during our session. I think she has a unique ability to tap into emotions that I was feeling that I wasn’t even consciously aware of. I think anyone who tries a yoga therapy session with Becky will gain something positive from the experience, and I highly recommend it to those seeking to understand themselves better and to feel better physically.​  

- H. H., Simpsonville, SC

​I have been seeing Becky Watson for yoga therapy for the past six months.  Every time I have gone, I have asked myself “What do I have to talk about?”  and come up blank.  But every time I have gotten with Becky, and became quiet and relaxed, I found that I had much to talk about. 

I’ve had a number of concerns with anxiety and my health this year but tend to push them aside when I am busy with my day-to-day life.  Becky has helped me explore these concerns as they have come to the surface during our sessions, and I always leave with a new solution for dealing with these matters.  Many times, sessions have built upon prior sessions – I spent a week or two applying the solution, then found a need to modify or even refocus my strategy.

 Almost all of my solutions have come from “within,” but I know that they would not be as clearly defined without Becky’s gentle, supportive guidance.  I strongly recommend Becky for yoga therapy.

- P. S., Simpsonville, SC

 Trust the wisdom of the body

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 Becky Watson, E-RYT 200

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

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About Becky

I first took yoga classes as a way to reconnect with myself.  As a mom of 2, I needed that break from my kids.  I found yoga to be challenging, but I loved it and came back for more.  When the chance to teach yoga came into my life, I was intrigued..  I had the chance to teach calm, peace and acceptance to others.  For over 10 years, I've loved bringing yoga to anyone who walks into my classes.  I've always believed there's a yoga practice for everyone.  

In 2014, as my own life was going through changes, I began to want to expand my yoga practice as well.  Teaching yoga was fulfilling, but I felt as if I was meant to do something a bit different.  I explored many options and eventually realized that what I wanted was to offer a way for my students to get even more out of their yoga practices.

I found my new path in yoga therapy.  I experienced the empowerment of a yoga therapy session.  I explored my own connection between my body and my life.  I found a way to reconnect to what was important to me.  Yoga therapy supported me in my life changes but it did not try to fix me.  I was not broken, only shifting my direction.  Yoga therapy helped me find clarity in my purpose.

I began my training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2015.  Through intensive training, I am now able to support others in their process of change by offering one-on-one sessions.  

I am a  200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher.  I've been teaching yoga classes since 2006.  I have also completed a 600 hour yoga therapy certification with Phoenix Rising Yoga  Therapy and have been giving private yoga therapy sessions since 2016.